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Meet Your Practitioners

Allie Cuozzo

Clinical Herbalist, Birth Doula, Student-Midwife
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Tender, Vibrant, Methodical
Specialties: Chronic Pain & Trauma, Stress-related states, Prenatal & postpartum care, Cervical health (specifically cervical dysplasia), Mood Support
Tools Used to Support you:  An approach that's livable, sustainable & considers the ways you move through the world. Giving voice & a gentle, relational understanding to what you cannot see.
Superpower: Listening with a lens of unwavering resilience while creating protocols with patience & joy. A you got this mentality.

Hilary Go

Clinical Herbalist, Nutrition Consultant,
Acupuncture Integrative Medicine Doctorate Candidate
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Warm, Patient, Adaptive
Tools used to support you: Healing foods and yummy recipes. Integrating a Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine lens. Deep Listening. Herbs and creative practices that are matched to your individual constitution and needs.
Specialities: Digestion, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep, Hormonal Imbalances, Menstrual Cycle Health.
Superpower: Co-creating an inspiring plan of action that meets you where you are at in your healing journey!

Isabella DeCredico

Clinical Herbalist
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
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Inquisitive, Caring, Creative
Specialities: Seasonal Care, Preventative Care, Nervous System (stress, anxiety, depression), Sleep, Gut Health, Skin Health
Tools Used to Support you: Bio-individuality & whole body lens, guiding clients to deeper understand how their body works, co-creating daily practices, nutrition, and herbal & supplemental support
Superpower: A deep belief that we can create a harmonious relationship with our body, mind & spirit.