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Hormone Love

Hormone Love

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We are cyclical beings. This bundle features our favorite herbal allies to support uterine hormonal balance. If you tend to experience PMS and menstrual cycle symptoms before and during the menstrual cycle- this bundle has focused care to support common symptoms like mood, psycho emotional and physical symptoms of discomfort (often exacerbated by stress!). We suggest working with this bundle 1-2 weeks prior to menses every cycle for best results. Create ritual and care around your cycle with herbs!

Cycle Tea ✿ ginger infused chocolate with hints of aromatic, creamy herbal roots. We crave this when we want something richly satisfying. It was originally formulated to calm PMS and soothes period cramps, but can be enjoyed daily in versatile ways too (it's wonderful for gentle liver detoxification too). 

Clary Sage Botanical Water  ✿ A hydrosol for those who run hotter in their bodies. Providing cooling relief, use it as a balm for hot, sweaty days. Indicated for hot flash relief, hormonal irritability, & PMSy days. Powerful. Soft. Natural & joyful.

Omm is a soothing and calming tincture   This leads with the classic nervine Milky Oat & is rounded off by the complex sweetness of Linden.  We encourage consistently dosing Omm for 1-3 months to instill repetitive patterns of downward, calming energy.  It's also supremely helpful for in the moment stress and anxiety relief.  We can't wait for you to dose yourself with this & feel replenished & centered from these plant allies we love so much!


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