8+ Herbs that Shine for Motherhood

A few days after our Earth Allies collection launched online, Italy, a four-month-old babe, was placed in my home by a stork called Massachusetts Department of Children & Families. And with that drop-off, this form of mothering began on a sunny Monday afternoon, the first day of spring '23, as we were knee deep in this business you've helped flourish! The three of us all fell in love with herbalism because of how herbalism's philosophy & practice enables us to care for ourselves
& therefore one another in a way that matters. In a way that is embodied. Herbs are it- dynamic, organic & embodied forms of nourishment. Sounds like motherly love? It is. As I continue taking unknown steps on this fostering & (possibly!) adoption journey, I am uplifted by Italy, by the herbs & by Hilary & Isabella as I see them mother Italy because as we know, mother is a verb! Here are a few ways I keep/we keep showing up to this tenderness with an herbal toolkit I'm happy to share with you. - ALLIE


A calming tea blend is a must!
For me it's blends with Wood Betony (in the mint family) like our Mind Tea.  Even a cup of fresh mint tea with or without lemon is self care in a cup.  Sip that zen!  For more of a body calm & deeply grounded feel, this is often accessed with rooty medicine like Burdock, Astragalus & Licorice (plants you can harvest the root part to prepare as food or tea).   

Nettle.  Two ways.  1) Sprinkled on food.  I like grinding it up when it's dry so it's really fine & then mixing it with salt. Get that mineral sprinkle!  2) Prepared overnight as an infusion & in the morning, I add a bit of electrolytes to it.  Even without electrolytes, you'll get iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium & potassium.  

PREPARE: 8oz of water + 1tbsp of loose nettle leaf.  Place contents in a jar in fridge.  Strain the next morning.


Rose.  The sensation of loving another being is so exquisite & I find so much of this well of care stems from how well I care for myself.  

Rose in water is a toning, hydrating boost to a morning routine. I love the juicy mouth feel of rose hips as they become an agent to make the water extra soothing.  Safe for the babe to sip on, too. Flower Child!  Prepare same as nettle preparation above. 


Antivirals are herbs that get at the heart of immunity or the compromised immunity component of being a human.  Becoming familiar with a few types of herbs in this category will empower you if/when you're sick with a virus.   Having a few of these in your pantry or apothecary to modulate the virus so your body can adapt, bolster & get better is a solid foundation to build your herbs for sicknesses. There is often the rest is best mentality, the it takes time to heal approach.  I hear this & as a mother who is solely responsible for a child, it feels idyllic & not realistic for my current dynamic which is why strong antivirals like Japanese Knotweed have had a positive impact on shifting sick states quickly.  LicoriceLemon Balm are wonderful antiviral herbs, too.*  

Isabella with Italy after our LA event.  The village is real!

Here are a few must have herbs for motherhood:

Yarrow!  Yarrow is a circulatory aid & gentle anti-inflammatory both of which were helpful when Italy was teething shortly after she came in my care. I used Yarrow Flower Drop 

Plantain salves (a thick, oil & beeswax based cream) for owies. Super vitamin A & C rich, it's a casual green plant many will call a weed that's wonderful for tissue repair.  Plantain is everywhere.  Remember basic, common things can be therapeutic if you're looking with an open, informed lens.  It is incredibly rewarding (& easy!) to make on your own.  We use  when we run out.

Lavender spray for the booty.  I find this modulates diaper rashes better than chamomile.  And I often don't wait for there to be any diaper rash, I use a spritz as preventative care from time to time.  (Rose Geranium which is my go-to for anti-microbial situations for myself is a little too zingy for tinys' skin.).  

Chamomile & Calendula tea.  Put that prepared tea right in a bottle.  (½ part of the warm tea infusion + ½ part mylk or water).   I find the Chamomile & Calendula support in bringing her back into ease.  As she was found with cocaine in her body, gentle nervous system supportive herbs are it for her.  I also mix this tea with applesauce as first aid is food.  Cook with herbs & spices.  Cook with love.  Food is our first medicine & the first way we aid ourselves as a family. 

Hilary with Italy outside our lab in Sebastopol, California 


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