Flower Drops: An Easy Gateway into Herbalism

New to Herbalism? Try Flower Drops!

Flower Drops are an approachable and yummy gateway into daily uses of Herbalism.  Don't worry if herbalism feels overwhelming!   New things often are!   These are yummy ways to uplift your senses & support your body.  We believe it is helpful to engage with a single plant at a time.  That's why we made one-plant extracts.   It's so amazing to experience the properties of a single flower & tune into how it feels in your body.

What Are They Exactly?

They are vegan, gluten-free, family friendly & organic!

Flower Drops are naturally sweet, versatile & an easeful way to incorporate plants into your daily life.  They consist of two ingredients:
1. Fresh flowers we hand-harvest at their peak aroma & potency 
2 Organic, food-grade flax derived glycerin (a sugar alcohol widely used in food, beverage, beauty & personal care thanks to its ability to extract constituents from herbs and its ability to hydrate and smooth the skin)

Ancient Inspo
Inspired by old world perfumery techniques, we harvest and process flowers to create an edible & topically friendly extract which captures the unique vibrational, medicinal and aromatic properties of each flower we choose.These are concentrated, delicious medicines that taste just like the fresh flowers we gather. If you’ve ever wanted to drink petals, this is it!

Some of our favorite ways to use Flower Drops:
✿ A single drop on the tongue for a dose of joy or whenever you are craving something sweet, uplifting and floral.  ✿  JASMINE for a feminine drop. 

✿ 1-2 dropperfuls in a cup of bubbly water or your favorite mocktail/cocktail. So refreshing!   ✿ Neroli  ✿ is the best-seller for this!

✿ Adding a few drops into a manuka honey face mask  ✿ Try Rose for extra tone 

✿ Dropping 1-2 drops into a daily facial cream (am or pm!) for hydrating and therapeutic skin benefits.  ✿ Yarrow is lovely here! 

Each order of Flower Drops card comes with a thoughtful card to guide you on how to incorporate these medicines into your life!

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