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  • Something about California...

    The three of us are connected via the land known as Emerald Valley, California.  This is a fertile sanctuary, ripe with a garden of over 200 medicinal plants, mountains to hike within, & a vibrant Herbalism community that stems from the California School of Herbal Studies.  

  • Organic Everything

    Everything about how Earth Allies formed came organically. As the three of us completed our studies in different years, we overlapped in a few ways.  Isabella Ayala De Credico was Allie’s Teaching Assistant; Isabella was also Hilary Go’s Teaching Assistant.  Hilary & Allie met via the brilliant Camille Freeman’s clinical mentorship program.  Isabella collaborated with Allie to release the design of Dusk to Dawn, her super Sonoma herbal line.  Hilary & Isabella worked together at the integrative herbal clinic, Farmacopia. As you can see, the foundation is interconnected.

  • Ready to Launch!

    In 2022, Isabella and Hilary joined Earth Allies as co-creators, practitioners and formulators of the Earth Allies vision.  Together, the three of us developed and launched the Earth Allies product line in Spring 2023. "Earth Allies is a reflection of the vitality & sincerity from every student, every teacher, every plant within Emerald Valley.  As it evolves prismatically, I pull from & lean within these relations of people, of plants & of place; I witness it bloom into something beyond me," Allie says. 

  • Welcome to the Bloom!

    We believe the Earth is here to ally with, to create meaningful connection to & to feel better in doing so.  We are here to connect plants to the people & people to the plants.  One session & product at a time.  Shop around &/or be seen—we're so happy to be connected with you!