Collection: Teas

Tea blends for your biomes  ✿  VERY FRESH ORGANIC HERBS because you do not have time for old petals brewed in your cups  ✿  This collection is inspired by our clinical work as we found ourselves formulating similar versions of these combinations for our clients!  Effective & Yummy!

Skin Tea Red fruits, freshly baked cinnamon cake and background floral notes. Hydrate and care for your skin from the inside-out.
Mind Tea Linden flower bouquet with notes of lemon verbena, tulsi and rosemary. The perfect caffeine-free pick-me-up beverage.
Gut Tea A well-balanced aromatic blend with digestive favorites like chamomile, lemon balm and orange peel. Ideal for settling the tummy in-between meals.
Cycle Tea ginger infused chocolate with hints of aromatic, creamy herbal roots. We crave this when we want something richly satisfying. It was originally formulated to calm PMS and soothes period cramps, but can be enjoyed daily in versatile ways too!


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